so called nation (bad poetry)

in this so called nation
we find our station
without hesitation
safely on the reservation
of your man made starvation
no grapes of wrath lactation
for old man’s libation
just a pure sensation
of your obligation
to this so called nation

a dutiful observation
without abbreviation
or scientific notation
or speculation
of the specification
and the unification
and the unionization
of this confederation
of this westernization
of this so called nation

there is no graydation
no obfuscation
no elongation
no generalization
no emancipation
(yeah, take that as a proclamation)
or any specialization
of the surgical operation
of the suspended animation
of the standard deviation, the stalin-ization, the standardization, standing ovation, sterilization, subordination, substantiation, suburbanization, symbolic representation, sympathetic vibration, synchronization, tabloidization, telecommunication, cellphone conversation, television station, television station, television station….

of this so called nation

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