Monthly Archives: March 2014

is it me, or is it just me? (bad poetry)

is it me
or is it just me
that likes to see
the sea
for free
so eeeea – zeeee – lyeeee

is it me
or is it just me
or is it you too
you who
says boo hoo
and pooh-poohs
what we do
so oooo – oooo – yoooouuuu

is it me
or is it just me
or is it a water spider
aka water strider
bound to be a collide-er
and lay beside her
and stay inside her
without guide (or)
place to hide (or)
rules to bide (or)
hope of bride (or)
sense of pride

is it me
is it me
or is it just me

its me

Dirty Dirty Laundry (bad poetry)

lies in piles
piles of lies
like the dirty little secretive secrets secreted
in the creases of the fabric of your dirty laundry
in the creases of the mouth of your dirty dirty mouth
where your dirty dirty laundry-list lies

you don’t love me any more, you said
you don’t do all you said you would, you said
you said, you don’t remember what you said, you said
well, what did you say
i’m asking
what did you say
no, i’m asking you
what did you say

see you don’t remember
dirty dirty laundry