Arm Punch

Two Men, 25, in the cab of a pick-up truck, in Alabama, shirtless.

TIBO drives, one hand on wheel, wears a confederate flag/camouflaged baseball cap. TUCKER stares out the window, letting his hand play with the wind.  Time goes by, then,

Tibo  punches Tucker in the upper arm.

TUCKER: Hey, what the fuck?

TIBO: Don’t be a pussy.

TUCKER: I ain’t no pussy!

Tibo stares at Tucker until Tucker looks away, forward, to notice an oncoming car in their lane.


Tibo turns,  grabs the wheel, jerks the truck right, on to the dirt shoulder, then hard back onto the road.  Both young men, yelling at the car that just passed.

TIBO:  Share the fucking road, asshole!

TUCKER: Jesus Christ, cock-wad!

Time passes as the two young men return to as they were, Tibo driving with one hand; and Tucker looking out the window letting his hand play wit the wind.   Tibo looks sad, or like sadness is approaching, he looks over at Tucker – he almost lost his best friend.  Then,

Tibo punches Tucker in the upper arm.

End of Play


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