Monthly Archives: April 2014

iHouse (bad poetry)

iShutter, to think
iStoop, to conquer
iDeck, the halls with folly
iPane, to see outside

iEaves, to drop
iShower, with kisses
iCloset, my feelings

iCraw, -Space to hide
iLiving, -Room to breath
iDen, -tify
iDen, -tify
iDen, -tify
iBed, -Room for you

iShutter, to think

More or Less Friends

Two men painting a house each on his own ladder.  Both wear painters caps and safety googles.

BENJAMIN:  Remember when, on Facebook, remember when people used to share their own ideas, thoughts, words, photos, videos, whatever?

MOORE: Nope.

BENJAMIN:  Yeah you do.  Now all you get is links to other people’s crap.  Same crap that someone else posted yesterday.  You know what I’m sayin’?

MOORE:  Nope.

BENJAMIN:  It’s all this hyped up/buzzfeed/mashable/huffington-post/upworthy/not-really-upworthy crap.  All this amazing crap.   Crap that will change-your-world/make-you-laugh/not-believe-what-you’re-seeing… as long as you watch ’til the end.  Where’d it all come from?  You know where it all comes from?

MOORE:  Nope.

BENJAMIN: Your “friends.”  And all your friends suck.

MOORE: My “friends?”

BENJAMIN: Yes, your “friends.”  Everyone’s “friends.”  And my “friends,” too.

Moore pushes Benjamin off the ladder.   Watches him the whole time.

BENJAMIN:  (being pushed/falling) Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  (he lands with a thud, then says, weakly) Shit, ahh, shit, shit.

Moore looks at him hit the ground, looks at him for what seems like a bit too long.  Then, Moore touches/taps his safety googles.

MOORE:  Google Glass: Send video to Facebook.

Moore continues to paint.