Pick Up The Keys

Bernice and Benjamin in a café.  Bernice pushes back her chair, picks her keys off the table and says…

Bernice:  I hate you.

Benjamin pushes back his chair, picks his keys off the table and says…

Benjamin:  I hate you.

They both exit.  They return.

Bernice: I think I have your keys.

Benjamin: Yeah, me too.

They exchange keys, looking at each other’s hands.  Then part, exit.  Bernice reenters

Bernice: Hey, what is that, by the way?

Benjamin enters.

Benjamin: What?

Bernice: The thing on your key ring?  The coconut shell?

Benjamin: Well, what do you think?  It’s a piece of coconut shell.

Bernice: From?

Benjamin: Yeah. From. I never wanted to forget.

Bernice: Of course.  Me.  Me too.

Benjamin: Yeah.

Bernice: I should go.

Benjamin: Yeah.

They stay.   Looking into each other’s eyes.

Benjamin: I love you.

Bernice: I love you.

The end.



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