Pull Over

Family in a car driving forever through the desert.

Son One: I gotta pee.

Dad: Hold it.

Son Two: Yeah, I gotta pee, too.  Pull over.

Mom: Oh, pull over, let them pee.

Son Three: I gotta pee, too.

Dad: Hold it boys.  Hold it like a man.

Mom: Oh, pull over, George.  They all have to go, just pull over.

Dad pulls over.  Boys get out of back seat, head to the back of the care, line up and pee.  Then, they get back in.

Dad: You all good now, ladies?

Son Three: Yes

Son Two: Yes

Son One: OK.

Dad: OK, then.

Dad turns on blinker to pull back onto the road.

Mom: Oh, hold I, while were here.

Mom gets out, goes to back of car, pees.

Dad: You are all girls.  You boys are all girls.  See that.  Your mom is a girl, too.  And all the girls in the car had to get out and pee and couldn’t hold it.

Mom gets back in.

Mom: Thanks.  Wow, can we roll up the windows and turn on the air?

The cool air makes the Dad have to pee.

Dad: Now, I gotta pee.   But look, boys.  I’m not gonna do it.  I’m a man, I’m just gonna hold it in until….

He tries to hold it, shivers, begins dancing in his seat; then has to go too much.

 Dad: Oh, fuck it.

Dad gets out to pee behind the car; boys and Mom watch then bust out laughing.


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