Wet Like Raindrops (bad poetry)

wet like raindrops

like the rain that drops the raindrops

so wet

like heaven’s sweat

so wet

so wet on me

so why am i out in that rain?

o that song

about raindrops

or the rain that drops

that song where my head is fallen upon by rain drops

o that song – what’s that song

o i can’t remember the lyrics

raindrops continue to head down onto my head

o i can’t remember

i’m wet like a noodle

from this rain

i’m wet like a fish

from this rain

i’m wet like an ice cube left on the counter this morning and now the second law of thermodynamics has caused it to return to a liquid state

from this rain

i’m wet like the counter

hey who left this icecube here

or was it just a water spill

wow, i hope we don’t have a leak

there’s a cake

that’t what it is

someone left the cake out in the rain

that’s the song

no it’s not


i’m wet like raindrops

i mean, from raindops

i mean, like, a lot of them

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